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Originally posted on Karwachauth 2018


Love, Respect and Care – these are the biggest gift that anyone can provide to loved ones. While millions of Hindu women will get ready this Karwa chauth with the best of dresses, jewellery and henna, I do not believe that boys make the similar effort. Yes, they are lovely and supportive and buy gifts but women go that extra mile.

Now, I am not another feminist who says that Karwachauth was a patriarchy tradition – no it’s not. Its a great tradition where one express her love to loved ones by fasting, getting ready, being colorful – this is beautiful. So, everyone should celebrate it including boys. The world will not be better place by not celebrating Karwachauth, we will lose a beautiful festival. Instead we should make it more inclusive and that’s my idea this Karwachauth.

IF you have been following my Facebook campaign then you’d know that I am encouraging all the men out there to celebrate this Karwachauth by getting the tattoos of their wife’s name. To me, this is the gift of love, care and showing solidarity that while women are praying for better health of their husbands, men are standing by them. Its lot easier in today’s world to go out and buy a gold chain or diamond pendant. What’s tough is to find a henna artist, patiently get the tattoo and keep it for few weeks. This is where love and care gets equal and world becomes better. This is #giftthiskarwachauth campaign.
In order to show my commitment to this cause, I am offering Free tattoos to all the husbands who would like to get their wive’s tattoos this Karwachauth. I have started this campaign on 21st with my stall at Sri Durga Temple, Rockbank where I got an amazing response. The campaign posters on my stall drew attention and I got few brave men who applied henna of their loved ones. There is no bigger happiness to me than to see a cause for which you have been rooting getting shape. I am continuing this initiative in my next event at Sanctuary Lakes mall, Point Cook and hope to see many more men around.
I am encouraging everyone in my circle to get linked to this cause. This helps them to understand women’s world. There are some really nice people who are encouraging me in this initiative. To me, the world will not become better when women become more like men – we do not want to have more men in the world. Instead, it will become better when men will also understand and appreciate women’s better. This keep the balance. This makes the world a better place.
Happy Karwa chauth everyone !
#letsmakeabetterworld #hennaforall #karwachauthhennacampaign

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